Bordeaux Reds

I recently had a chance to attend a wine tasting focusing on red Bordeaux wines, and particularly boutique wines not available in the United States outside of a membership in an exclusive wine club.  The wines were truly incredible and got me interested in drinking more European blends, particularly French wines, and even more particularly Bordeauxs.  I’m sure other French and European wines offer similar delights, but you have to start somewhere.  As I’m on a fairly tight budget, I did a little bit of research regarding some of the best values and then cross referenced that with what my local wine merchant had available, as well as soliciting some in store advice, and picked up several bottles.  So far these three that I have tried have been excellent, and they all fall within the $8-12 range.  All of them, particularly the Chateau Vieux Grean, improve with a bit of decanting, or at least opening the bottle half an hour ahead of drinking.  Enjoy.


Left to Right: Vieux Chateau Grean, 2013; Chateau Bois Redon, 2014; Chateau Palene, 2014



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